Monday, May 21, 2007

1,000 Homes Built

Today's big news in New Orleans was that Jimmy Carter was in town to help build that 1,000th Habitat for Humanity house n the region. Unfortunately for Habitat, most press coverage centered around Carter's comments about President Bush's foreign policy. On the Today Show a segment with Carter was 9/10ths about his comments and only mentioned Habitat at the end, although a short segment was later aired exclusively on the 1,000th house being built.

So, rather than just delivering the good news, the media reports focus on the conflict and political commentary of a person involved in delivering the good news. Sure, Carter could have refused to address his comments about Bush's foreign policy, and maybe he should have, but the Today Show certainly wanted to press the issue.

Anyway, congrats to Habitat, its employees, homeowners, donors, and volunteers!

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