Saturday, May 26, 2007

An Extended Family Affair

On Thursday I heard a few young men speaking a foriegn language at the Musicians' Village. They were all blond and blue-eyed, and I suspected Scandinavians. On Friday, I saw them again and asked where they were from. The answer, of course, was Norway.

Norweigians start college or vocational training two years before Americans end high school. These Norsk were at the end of their carpenters' training (2 years), and were in New Orleans for a month with a couple of their teachers to help rebuild. They were hands-down the fastest and most capable volunteers I had seen to date. And of course, I trotted out my Norwegians phrases and knowledge, and spoke about visiting twice and where we had gone, etc, etc. They are having a good time in New Orleans and I'm looking forward to working with them next week as well. We are working on decking a roof- that is, putting the OSB (plywood) on the trusses to make the building actually sheltered. My favorite thing to do, actually.

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